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We are international bloggers sharing our stories.

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What We Share

Food & Recipe

As foodies, we share homemade food recipes that we enjoy cooking and food adventures!


Life is a journey! We share things we enjoy in life, travel adventures, movies, video games, and more. 


We are from diverse backgrounds where we share cultural content that includes festivals and holidays. 


We are writers and enjoy learning. We share helpful resources we discovered along the way. 


Every blog post on this blog is written by us and from our experience. 


We have this blog to share our stories and in the hope to connect with people who have similar passions. 

Learn and growth

We believe passion can open doors to creators.  We learn and take time to care for this blog in our time besides our busy work schedules as we can. 

Why We Share?

A World Journal was first started with mainly food-related content as it was a blog for Angela to share her culinary journey in food writing. Through time, this blog has slowly expanded to focus on diverse content.

We are international bloggers with diverse backgrounds sharing our stories and experiences. We hope by sharing our adventures, this would inspire you to share your journey.


We think hobbies are a great place to start sharing stories. 


Practice, share our writing, and improve


A space to connect to people 


Inspired by creators out there, we would like to in hope do the same to share and offer values


Show support to what we adore 


The chance to meet new friends and work with clients 

Who are we?


Owner/ Writer/ Content Editor



We Would Love To Hear From You

If you have a story to share or looking for a writer, let’s connect!