Hello, I am Angela

Entrepreneur & Virtual Assitant

angela-2 About

I enjoy home-cooked meals and pastries. I have always enjoyed food and travel blogs. My food and entrepreneur journey started in my teen years. I think food and travel are the universal language that connects people. We share specialty foods and cultures. 

I graduated with a Culinary Art and Food Service Management degree. I started a few food and travel blogs to share my stories, and later created and ran “A World Journal”. 

I work as a virtual assistant with international clients from different countries, including North America, Asia, and Europe. At first, I started working on culinary projects and expanded into new industries with my new talents on new projects.  

Through my education and work background, I have worked on projects covering many fields and regions. From culinary arts, business assistance, and creative content, to radio production, video editing, and online journaling/blogging. 

For future clients, if you are interested in working with me, feel free to fill out the contact form and we can discuss your business needs and see how we can work together. I hope to provide the great service that I have learned over the years to your business as well.   

Why did I start A World Journal ?

cropped-A-World-Journal-Logo About

I started A World Journal as a blog for me to share my culinary journey in food writing, personal stories, and experiences. 

Through time, A World Journal has slowly expanded and transformed to focus on a multitude of diverse content, became a lifestyle website, and then my online portfolio. I hope that sharing my adventures will inspire others to share their journeys and passions much like you are with your business. 

A World Journal has helped me expand opportunities to provide remote virtual assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. 

People who have similar passions, and businesses who want to work together, are welcome to fill in the contact form. I am just an email away! I believe passion and creativity help people open doors to other creators and that collaboration is what makes us succeed.


Hobbies are great place to start, and it helps to practice and improve on my skills.


Inspired by creators and would like to do the same to share and offer values

Care & support

I care for my work, and provide support in projects I work on. 

Connect & Opportunities

A space to connect to readers, make new friends, and clients,

You want to achieve your dream and success, but with so much going on you realize you are working all the time.

You are overwhelmed by your unlimited and growing tasks as a business owner. You feel the need to outsource admin tasks to spend more time doing what is necessary to grow your business.

I understand the concerns about putting your trust in another to help grow your business and taking on all the responsibility alone. I have seen and been where you are and the challenges that come ahead in developing your business. My diverse background and worldly experience help provide a unique service to your business.

I am here to help ease that difficulty in trusting someone who has the skill and capability to manage those tasks that are preventing you from growing your own business. Let me help care and grow your passion, creativity, innovation, and business. It would be great to be a part of what you work and support.

My Main Skills

1. Strong work ethic

  • Complete tasks and manage workflow
  • Perform duties, provide regular updates on work progress, and meet deadlines

2. Organized

  • Time management on my availability
  • Plan on steps for projects, critical thinking, attention to detail, and manage projects

3. Video & Audio Editing

  • Had radio classes and an internship (edited audio soundtracks, music to create radio production and had DJ shifts)
  • All videos on my YouTube channel are personally created and edited by me

Why work with me?

Entrepreneur mindset

Work as a thinker, observer, and great work ethic

Reliable + Consistency

Consistent communication and project updates

Value feedback and suggestions

Brainstorm ideas together in support of consistent workflow, sharing feedback, suggestions, and discussion to solve problems together and work as a team to improve 


When we collaborate, we work as a team, and you get a dedicated teammate to work and support your business. 

Attention to details

Organized and review before publishing content for your business


Inspire to try out new ideas and willing to learn new things