It Takes Two Game Review

It Takes Two is a two people cooperative game that is fun, challenging to play locally and across distances.

For a long time now in the gaming industry, cooperative games have not been able to utilize their full potential, until this past year. The game “It Takes Two” holds up the great strengths of cooperative play, but also with brilliance. Here we will break down what makes this game stand out from the rest.

Background of It Takes Two

It-Takes-Two-Main-Menu-Screen It Takes Two Game Review
It Takes Two Main Menu Screen (Gameplay screenshot)

It Takes Two was developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts, and released in March of 2021. The game is available on several gaming platforms, for example, Windows, Play Station 4 & 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S. It is a puzzle adventure game that brings you into a surreal world with a great imaginative twist. We recommend having a plus one to play this game, because the game requires it, hence the title of the game “It Takes Two”.

Key of the game: Co-Op

It-Takes-Two-Rainbow-Road-in-The-Attic-Level It Takes Two Game Review
Rainbow Road in The Attic Level (Gameplay screenshot)

The game comes with a bonus-free “friend key” allowing you to invite a person to join your game with no limitations other than platforms. This 2 in 1 deal makes this game ideal for anyone on a gaming budget or a long-distance co-op game, or even with good friends and family.

The game is designed around a married couple, Cody and Mary. At each level, you will experience a theme that will dictate the type of puzzles you will encounter. Each different level will have various puzzles, stories, plots, and life lessons to learn. All challenges require cooperative solutions and creative thinking which will take you on a roller coaster of a ride.

The Story of the game 

It-Takes-Two-Learning-The-Values-of-Love It Takes Two Game Review
Learning The Values of Love (Gameplay screenshot)

The beginning introduces you to the family of Cody and May along with their daughter Rose. In life, many things can happen and this story focuses on the relationship between Cody and May, who in their marriage have grown distant and distraught. They plan to separate, but by the magical wishes of their daughter, it sends the couple into toy dolls. In the game, you play as toy dolls as they adventure to return to normal with the guidance of Dr. Hakim. Here Dr. Hakim assists you from world to world reigniting and repairing the marriage that once was.

Game Challenges

It-Takes-Two-Escaping-The-Clock-Tower It Takes Two Game Review
Escaping The Clock Tower (Gameplay screenshot)

The game comes with challenges and puzzles that are engaging, difficult, and breathtaking. Be ready to take it all in! Each level you go through will use one principle, such as collaboration, passion, or support to drive the story. The principle is a “tool” or in gaming terms a “mechanic” that you must learn to use both independently and cooperatively. The tools will help you in solving puzzles, overcoming mazes, or fighting enemies during your journey.

In the game, there are a total of nine levels to complete. The levels in order are:

  1. The Shed
  2. The Tree
  3. The Pillowfort
  4. Space Station
  5. Road to the Magic Castle
  6. Gates of Time
  7. Snowglobe
  8. Garden
  9. The Attic

As an example, the level of “The Shed” deals with using toolbox tools to solve the puzzles. Specifically, you will receive a hammer at first and later a nail. This hammer can be used to smash objects in your way or swing to achieve far jumps. Some jumps will need help from your partner using the nails they receive to jump between.

These simple creative changes from level to level help create unique puzzles that keep the game engaging, fun, and sometimes mind-blowing. If you like to pull practical jokes on your friends or partners this is a perfect comedy game for you. We also recommend visiting every nook and cranny while you are playing. There are fun challenges along the way to see who is better. In addition to the challenges, the world-building and adventures you go through are breathtaking. The game is so well developed and crafted that every element is truly wonderful.

It Takes Two – Game Tips

It-Takes-Two-Cody-Mary-Using-The-Tools-In-The-Shed It Takes Two Game Review
Cody and May Using The Tools In The Shed (Gameplay screenshot)

It Takes Two of course is a game about collaboration and you’ll hear that word a lot. This means that communication is key in solving any of the puzzles. The two of you will need to use both “tools” that are given to you and combine them to solve each puzzle. We recommend first understanding each tool and its benefits than trying to understand how they work in conjunction. It takes time to learn the tools, to navigate, and solve the puzzles so take the time to practice. It helps to take a step back and look from different perspectives when solving puzzles. For beginner players, patience is key when controlling your characters. Communicating with each other can get you farther than you think.

A Challenging Game For Everyone Conclusion

It Takes Two is an incredible game and brain teaser so we hope that you take the plunge and get to collaborate! Every chapter and level was more amazing than the last. Find a friend and challenge yourself to this game and all of its wonderful puzzles.

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