Sam Mazza’s Farm Market – Best Corn Maze Challenge

Sam Mazza's Farm Market offers the fun of solving a corn maze. You can find fresh farm produce, delicious pastries, plants, and gardening supplies in the farm market.

Pictures by: Angela

Sam Mazza’s Farm Market opens all year round, and it sells lots of delicious baked pastries, for example, bread, cakes, pies, donuts, and more. It is like going to a candy house. The main reason I  want to visit Sam Mazza’s Farm is the corn maze!

Sam Mazza’s Corn Maze

I have no idea what corn maze would look like before.

The word maze, when I first heard this, I was like maze?! It reminded me of like in the old newspaper, there were maze puzzles that you could play to see if you figured the way out and won. Also, the maze in the movies and documentaries looked so complicated and surreal to me.

But when I heard Ethan, a Vermonter mentioned corn maze, I was like it would be cool to see the actual maze where I could walk and solve the maze. We saw on the website there were two different mazes available, 1 mile and 2 miles. You could purchase tickets and go into the maze. We decided to go together to play the corn maze challenge!

Corn Maze Challenges

The day we went was a day with crazy hot weather, but it didn’t stop my wish to go to the corn maze. I was excited that we were going to a maze! From the entrance, there were lots of cornstalks. They were tall, might be taller than I expected. We bought the tickets and received a card where you had to find the stations with paper punches to punch on your card to track the progress while being in the maze. There would be prizes for those who successfully completed the maze. That sounded great. Let’s go.

We decided to do the longer maze first. We tried to plan how we would play the maze. We looked at the map to get general ideas of the game plan. We felt ready and started walking. We were in the maze and constantly looking at the map to figure out the directions.

Solving a maze was indeed time-consuming. While being in the maze, I felt like we should all be thankful that we had GPS nowadays. I could not imagine how ancient people tried to figure out the direction back then. It must have been a crazy headache and a nightmare for them. We were in the maze for a while, I did not know how much time we actually spent solving the maze. We were so focused on trying to solve the maze to meet as many stations as possible. One after one, it was literally mixed emotion through the whole process. Sad, joy, annoyed, frustrated, excited, motivated, just complicated. It was funny when we stepped to one station twice, and we saw an exit, walked out, but realized we were out all the way back of the maze. Haha.

We had to walk back in and tried to find the “actual real exit”. We finally were out of the maze, the long maze, we were so relieved. We were like, so did we want to walk the shorter maze? It might be easier now that we successfully completed the long maze. We were here, so sure, why not?

We were on our way to the second challenge. With our experience of completing the long maze, we figured the short maze better and faster. When we were out of the short maze, we were literally tired. We decided to check out the farm market.

Farm Market For Shopping & Delicious Pastries

There were lots of things in the farm market. Sam Mazza sells farm-grown produce, food, garden supplies, gifts, and holiday specials gifts.

I saw kids running around in the store so happy and excited. I was just amazed by the market. It looked like a small entrance but didn’t realize there was another shopping world in this store.

We grabbed some fresh veggies, meat from the freezer, checked out the flowers and plants in the greenhouse. They were beautiful. There were lots of herbs and plants you could purchase for your home. All the decorations, pumpkins, and more farm produce. We went to check out and there was one last section to go in the market before we head out.

Pastries! We loved the selection they had in the market, so many options that we were indecisive about which we should have got. After some thinking, we finally made our decision. We each got a pastry. At this point, we were very exhausted. But it was fun to finally participate in the maze.

Sam Mazza’s Farm Market was definitely a great place to go to get local food shopping done that was fresh and at reasonable prices. The maze designs are different each year. If you even want to escape reality for a few hours, join the challenging corn maze again when it opens. It also has a schedule for you to pick strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and pumpkins. There are festivals that you could join and feed animals in the petting zoo.

Sam Mazza’s Farm Market

Address: 277 Lavigne Road, Colchester, Vermont 05446

Phone: +1 (802) 655 3440

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